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Although Mykonos Island is a masterpiece itself, there are few places where art can be presented on the island. Municipality of Mykonos has made important efforts throughout the years in order to encourage the expression of Art. Tharroe of Mykonos stands for this effort through a varied programme of activities for a wide range of audiences by organizing Art exhibitions, concerts and events.

Spaces within the Hotel reflect the ongoing dialogue between past and present. The private collection of the Hotel, housed in both public areas and rooms/suites, comprises art from painting to sculpture and offers to the guests a fresh perspective during their stay.

Andrew Wielawsky

Andrew Wielawsky was born January 29th 1955, in New York City, USA. He lives and works in Italy and since 1998 he exhibits some of his art work at Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel and he retains an Art Studio within the hotels premises.

Education; 1969 to 1973 Fox Lane High School, Bedford, NY
1973 to 1977 Syracuse University, BFA in Fine Arts
1978 Silvermine Guild, New Canaan, CT
1978 to 1980 Apprenticeship with Bogdan Grom, sculptor, Englewood, NJ
1980 to 1990 Trained by master marble artisans in Pietrasanta, Italy.
1990 to 2007 Owner and operator of ARW studios, Seravezza, Italy. Grants apprenticeships to qualified candidates.

Selected Exhibits;
2009 Hotel Casa Grande, Delicias, Mexico
2008 Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel, Mykonos, Greece
2007 Arkad Foundation, Seravezza, Italy Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel, Mykonos, Greece Vera Docci Gallery, Forte dei Marmi, Italy
2006 Marco Island Foundation for the Arts, Marco Island, FL, USA Panel speaker for the foundation
2005 Small Monuments, Gallery Donkersvoort, Holland Art Struck Gallery, Blue Ridge, GA, USA
2004 Shacknow Museum, Plantation, FL, USA
2003 ArtExpo NY, USA Art Fusion Gallery, Boca Raton, FL, USA
2002 ArtExpo San Francisco, USA Europa Center, Patras, Greece

Public Works;
‘El Angelo de La Ultima Voluntad’, Delicias, Mexico
‘La Sapienza delle Tre Eta’, Mastercard SPA, Rome, Italy
‘Electra’, Alabama Power Co., Birmingham, AL, USA
‘Harlequin, La Fin du Siecle’ Gewiss SPA, Bergamo, Italy
‘Lulu’s Awakening, GCS Corp., Danbury, CT, USA
‘Nudo con Telefonino’ Saratoga Sforza SPA, Milan Italy
‘The Answer’, Exeter Corp., Dallas TX, USA
‘Oak Brook Tower’, Miglin Beitler Development Corp., Chicago, USA

Museum Collections;
Museo Dei Bozzetti, Pietrasanta, Italy
Shacknow Museum, Plantation, FL
Museo Della Carta, Pescia, Italy
Museo del Castello, Gravedona, Italy

2009 Art World Economics, Kansas City Art Institute
2002 Art World Economics, European School of Economics
1998 Art World Economics, Cleveland Institute of Art
1993 Marble Carving and Bronze Casting, Birkegaardens Foundation, Stockholm
1982 Marble Carving and Bronze Casting In Pietrasanta, Royal Academy, London

Selected Collectors;
Umberto Sforza, Milan, Italy
Cav. Domenico Bosatelli, Bergamo, Italy
Richard McKenzie, Greenwich, CT, USA
Roger Moore, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Sean Penn and Robin Wright, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Andrea Bocelli, Forte dei Marmi, Italy
Ludmila Bogdanov, Moscow, Russia

Professional Member, National Sculpture Society, NY, USA
Fulbright Program Resource for Sculptural Techniques, Rome, Italy
Consultant to Professor James Beck, expert in Renaissance restorations, for his criticism of the ‘Ilaria del Carretto’ statue in Lucca, Italy

A web search of ‘wielawski’ will bring up quotes, publications, prizes, and other information.

Katerina Karagianni Iatropoulou

After being a quite successful journalist and after organizing several cultural events as an art director, she published her first novel. The book was introduced to the public by the famous Greek writer Mr.Vassilis Vassilikos and was truly welcomed from the readers. From that point until today, she has dedicated herself to painting. She studied in 3 private Art schools and she presented the “Contemporary One-day Exhibition”. She participated in a lot of exhibitions in Greece and Europe. Municipality of Athens organized an avant-garde art event with 33 of her paintings and Athenian Gallery “Zygos” organized in 2006 an exhibition dedicated to her complete art-work.

Her paintings combine a contemporary and fragile view over life with the attraction of the direct view which enables insights into the soul. Her striking and inflating colours fulfil her new-realistic forms and create a unique and private experience. George Veltsos, philosopher and professor at the University of Athens wrote about her work:“ Many thanks for your colours..”.

Katerina lives and works close to Athens with her life–mate, Greek poet Dimitris Iatropoulos.


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