Health comes First| Hygiene Protocol Update

Meet our team


Meet our team

Our relationship with you, our esteemed guests, is highly valued and delivering excellent service has always been our number one priority. We remain at your disposal for anything you may need and wish you a memorable stay!

“Hospitality will always be about experiences and connecting to people. One may forget details of their holiday, but one shall always remember the way they felt at that moment, at that place and the warmth of the people they met there. We want to be those people; we want to make our guests feel right at home here, like we do..” Effrosyni & Joanna

Tharroe of Mykonos Team

Meet the people ‘behind-the-scenes’, the people that will make your holidays unforgettable. Here at Tharroe of Mykonos we believe that ‘the team’ is the soul of hospitality. It is therefore our utmost commitment to ensure their wellbeing and to maintain a team of professionals, which goes above and beyond in providing the most memorable experiences and timeless memories for you, our beloved guests.