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Wine tasting


Wine tasting

In this beautiful renovated Cellar you may find selected Wines from Cyclades and Islands of the Aegean Sea. An important wine-making tradition has been developed on these Islands throughout the Centuries. The soft Mediterranean climate combined with the rocky soil and the constant breeze called “meltemi” that blows gently at times, heavily at others, provide unique conditions for cultivating grapes. Excellent varieties of grapes like Aedani, Asirtiko, Athiri, Monemvasia or Malvazia, Mandilaria, Blegleri, Mavromoschato, Rodomousi and Stavrochioti are used from local winemakers for producing tasteful and colourful white and red wines.

Feel welcomed to taste different flavors and set your imagination free to travel around amongst several Aegean Islands by having a private Wine tasting session. You may also enjoy a bottle of wine in your room, in Barbarossa restaurant or you may take it with you back home, as part of an unforgettable experience…