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Wedding & Honeymoon

Whether you’ve always dreamed about the most opulent wedding, or you prefer an intimate, elegant affair, we will help organize the ceremony of your dreams.
Can you think of a more suitable location for a honeymoon escapade than to a Greek island and specifically Mykonos? Our honeymoon packages are tailored for every need and sure to fit yours!

Wine tasting

Indulge your palette with a journey through the wines of Greece, enjoying the flavours of the Cyclades and Aegean Islands.

Art and History

On top of this very hill the Ancient ruler of the island, built a monument dedicated to his Queen to show his power and prove his love and devotion to her. (Mycenaean period 1600-1200 bc. To honor this Queen (whom the name remains unknown) we named the Hotel “Tharroe of Mykonos”.